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Google Search will let you book CVS MinuteClinic appointments


Google Search will allow you to make appointments.


Google announced ThursdayThe company is introducing an innovative search function that will allow people to make appointments with their health care providers.

Google Search can be used to search for health providers available in your area and book a visit or check-up. MinuteClinic is now a partner of Google. CVSStart.

For example, you could search Google for MinuteClinics in your area. Google will show you the available appointments. Google has shown that it is possible to book a consultation for a check-up or vaccination without needing to go to Google.

This may prove to be useful for those who do not have regular healthcare providers, or are unable to see their doctor.

Google stated that the feature is in its early stages. The company stated it plans to improve the features and expand the partners to help users access the best care.