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CDC director says high immunity in U.S. population provides some protection against omicron BA.2


Rochelle Walensky, Director of the CDC on Tuesday stated that there was enough immunity to protect against the contagious omicron BA.2 Subvariant. This could prevent another Covid wave from ravaging hospitals.

Walensky, White House Covid briefing participant said that “the high level of immunity within the population from vaccinations boosters and past infection will provide some degree of protection against BA.2.” White House Chief Medical Advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci indicated last month that while infections may rise as a result of BA.2, it is unlikely to cause another increase.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have determined that BA.2 accounts for 72% now of the circulating Covid variants. This has quickly overtaken the older version of omicron BA.1, which caused the severe winter epidemic. BA.2 was about 1% in Covid variants at the U.S. beginning February

BA.2 has become the most prevalent Covid variant across the nation, and circulation is highest in New England. This region also happens to be the epicenter for the ongoing pandemic. According to the CDC BA.2 accounts for more than 80% in New England.

According to a CDC survey, 95% of Americans 16 years and over had antibodies against the virus through infection or vaccination as of December. Though antibodies can help prevent an infection, it does not mean that you will be immune to the disease. Omicron is a complex virus that can infect people who have been infected and those who are vaccinated.

A study found that people who were vaccinated, enhanced, and who had recovered from an earlier infection have high protection from hospitalization by BA.2. published by scientists in QatarWeill Cornell Medicine Doha is affiliated. This study was not subject to peer review.

Scientists found that those who had received three Pfizer shots were 98% more likely to be hospitalized than people who took two. The protection from hospitalization for people who had received two Pfizer shots and those who were recovering from an infection prior to the current one was similar at 76% and 73%, respectively. The 97% protection was achieved for people who received two Pfizer doses after a breakthrough infection.

Data suggests that, even though BA.2 may increase the number of infections in America, the U.S. might have enough immune system to stop a massive outbreak that overwhelms the hospitals.

Public health authorities from the U.K., Denmark and other countries have found that BA.2 has a 30%-80% higher transmission rate than the older version of omicron. The U.K., South Africa, and others have all found that BA.2 doesn’t make you sicker than BA.1, though it is more severe.

BA.2 is responsible for spreading epidemics across Europe. This includes the United Kingdom, Germany and Germany. China has been locked down by its most severe wave in 20 years, including major cities like Shanghai.

Covid infection rates in the U.S. remain steady despite BA.2 making up an increasing number of variants. Data from the CDC shows that the U.S. recorded an average of 25,000 new infections Monday. That’s a 44% decrease from the previous week. New infections may be underreported because many people perform at-home testing that don’t capture the data.

Since 2020, the number of Covid-infected people has dropped to its lowest level. On Tuesday, there were more than 10.700 Covid-infected patients. That’s a 7-day average. It is 92% less than the January peak. According to data from Health and Human Services Department.

As a way to gauge how severe the virus is affecting the nation, the CDC changed its Covid guidelines so that they now focus on hospitalizations. The CDC has lowered the Covid level to low-to moderate levels in more than 97% US counties. This means that people living there don’t need masks.