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Canoo Shares Gain on Deal with NASA to Build Electric Crew Transportation Vehicles -Breaking


© Reuters. Canoo (GOEV), shares increase on NASA deal to build electric crew transport vehicles

Canoo Inc. (NASDAQ:), a maker of passenger and commercial EVs saw its shares rise 2% upon NASA selecting the company as the “Crew Transportation Vehicles [CTVs]” provider for the crewed Artemis lunar exploration missions.

“We were honored to be able to take the Artemis team to the launch area for the first lunar landing since more than 50 years. Tony Aquila, Canoo Investor Chairman and CEO said that NASA selected our unique technologies to transport a team of American astronauts safely to the Moon. This shows a strong commitment to sustainable transportation. We are proud to be a high-tech mobility business and inspired by NASA’s innovative spirit. The customized cars can be modified and upgraded throughout their lives, with high levels of recycling at the end. Canoo’s Made in America electric cars are an example of America’s ingenuity. They also reflect America’s bold determination to become a global leader in technology. It is a great honor to partner with NASA on one of the most important endeavors in history.

Canoo’s LV-based Crew Transportation Vehicle is designed to transport astronauts, flight staff and other equipment from Canoo.

CTVs are being manufactured in Canoo’s super micro-factory located at Pryor (Oklahoma).

In late 2022, the company plans to begin commercial production from its Bentonville facility.

By Michael Elkins