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Microsoft President Brad Smith: Tech industry regulation coming


Technology regulation will soon be in place, regardless of whether or not the sector participates. MicrosoftSo companies may as well start to have those discussions now with President Brad Smith.

Smith said that it doesn’t really matter if you love it or not on Wednesday’s “Tech Check”. While it’s important for individuals to raise concerns, it is also legitimate to do so. However, it is more crucial that we work together to find a way to make it all work. It won’t be successful if we don’t.

Smith spoke after his keynote presentation on the subject at the International Association of Privacy Professionals conference. It was a stark contrast to an earlier keynote. AppleTim Cook is CEO warned that certain antitrust laws being considered by Congress could harm consumer privacy protections.

Smith knows how to stand out among his Big Tech counterparts in Washington. Since the landmark antitrust case at the beginning of this century, Smith has been an integral part in the reshaping of Microsoft’s relationships with D.C. officials. Smith is helping to ease the angst that was brewing about Microsoft’s influence over large tech platforms. reshape its imageTo be a friendly giant and avoid the latest criticisms, Microsoft may be under fire again. It’s one of the largest companies worldwide that still makes products for millions of people, including the U.S. Government.

Smith spoke in keynote and said that his time as Microsoft’s general lawyer in the antitrust case had taught him that “you can navigate the denseet of demands and expectations placed upon you by others.”

Smith stated to CNBC that there were similarities between Apple and Microsoft in their views on cybersecurity and privacy, though acknowledging differences in some other areas.

Cook stated Tuesday that competition rules proposed by Apple could make it more difficult for consumers to bypass its central App Store. This could lead to user privacy being compromised. Apple stated that App Store has an important role to ensure users only download secure and safe products.

Smith, however, suggested during his interview with CNBC that it might not be all or nothing.

Smith stated that if you have standards for one app store, which governs over a million apps you could also put those standards into place so that there is room for other app stores. All must comply with the exact same privacy and objective security requirements. You can either approach the issues in conflict, or find ways to resolve them.

Smith stated that even though the industry may be able to talk Congress out of some regulations, it is still a large world.

Smith declared that “the Europeans, British, Australians, Japanese, and Koreans are all moving forward.” We’ll be more well served as a nation if the United States takes an active part.”

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