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Shanghai reports more Covid cases as China imposes new lockdowns


On April 4, 2022, a medical worker performed Covid testing on Shanghai’s quarantined streets. Due to the increase in cases, lockdowns have been increased.

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China’s financial hub Shanghai recorded a record-breaking number of Covid-19-symptomatic cases Saturday. This was despite the fact that China imposed new locks to emphasize its “dynamic clearance” approach to Covid control.

Zhengzhou Airport Economic Zone: An industrial zone in Henan’s central province, it houses companies and manufacturing facilities. AppleFoxconn, the supplier of Foxconn, declared a fourteen-day lockdown Friday to “be adjusted according to epidemic circumstances.”

Foxconn is the trade mark of Hon Hai Precision Industry. Personnel with valid IDs, proof of positive COVID testing, and valid passports will not be allowed to leave the area during this period. However, “special vehicles” can travel normal for work purposes, according to economic zone officials in an announcement on WeChat.

Foxconn didn’t immediately reply to inquiries for comment.

The northwestern city of Xian announced the announcement after it said that its 13,000,000 residents would be temporarily under lockdown due to dozens Covid-19 infection cases this month.

New restrictions emphasize broad supply chain disruptions, which are likely to cause delays in shipment from companies such as Apple.

Economists believe that this will affect the country’s economy growth.

China’s central bank reduced the amount of money banks could keep in reserve Friday night to help offset slowing growth.

The chief Chinese electric-car marker will be present Friday XpengAutomakers could have to stop production next month, if their suppliers from Shanghai or the surrounding regions aren’t able to resume work.

Shanghai was the centre of China’s current outbreak. It reported on Saturday a record number of 3,590 symptomatic and 19,923 unsymptomatic patients for April 15. Asymptomatic cases were slightly lower than 19,872 cases one day earlier.

Even though most of the 25 million inhabitants of this city are still under lockdown, the City’s Covid case count continues to be the largest in the country. China recorded 24,791 new cases of coronavirus on April 15. Of these, 3,896 were symptoms and 20,895 were unsymptomatic.

That compares with 24,268 new cases a day earlier — 3,486 symptomatic and 20,782 asymptomatic infections, which China counts separately.

Henan Province, which is also home to Zhengzhou Airport Economic Zone (Zhengzhou Airport Economic Zone), reported 24 new asymptomatic patients on Friday. However, there were no other symptomatic cases.