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Opera Crypto Browser is now available on iPhones and iPads -Breaking


Opera Crypto Browser is available now for iPhones and iPads

Opera (NASDAQ:) PublishedOn Friday, Opera released a beta version its Web3 browser that includes a built in crypto wallet for iOS and iPad devices. Opera’s Crypto Browser is available on Mac and Windows Desktops since January. It also works for Android Mobile users. Opera’s latest mobile release marks the next step in their Crypto Browser Project, a Web3-focused project that facilitates navigation across multiple decentralized apps (DApp), metaverse platforms and games.

The company claims that the Opera Wallet supports the, Polygon and Celo blockchains and allows users to purchase, sell, and transfer tokens. The native Opera Wallet allows users to restore an Ethereum Virtual Machine compatible Wallet, as well as integrate existing balances and assets.

Opera Crypto Browser’s default startpage.