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Here’s the insurance advisors say you’ll need at each stage of life


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How important is insurance at various stages in your life? Financial advisors referred to life and disability insurance as the most essential type of coverage, since they are applicable throughout your entire life.

Additionally, advisors talked about often forgotten considerations at various points of your adult life. Let’s take a look at age-specific advice for insurance, right from university through retirement.

Insurance you will require for every stage in your life

Let’s take a look at the five phases of your life, and which type of insurance is recommended.

  1. Single: Health, disability, renters, auto
  2. Young marrieds:Life and homeownership are two different things
  3. For children from kindergarten through high school:Take advantage of employer FSA/125 plans to increase coverage and liability for young drivers. Employer FSA/125 plans are available. Your children can be gifted a life policy.
  4. Empty nestersLTC and hybrid policies
  5. Retirees:Medicare with Medigap Policies You no longer require disability. Important to consider long-term insurance. For the surviving spouse, life insurance is essential.

— Sallie Mullins Thompson, CPA/PFS, CFP, Washington, D.C.

Day at College

 “If you take out a private student loan … and that loan is co-signed by a parent and is not discharged upon your death, then you need some life insurance to cover the loan,” said certified financial planner David J. Haas, owner of Cereus Financial in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey.

He stated that the term life option would work best for the loan’s life, as the emergency is only temporary.

The job

According to Sean M. Pearson CFP, Associate Vice President at Ameriprise Financial, Conshohocken (PA), “If you’re working, it almost certain that you need disability insurance.” Although most large employers provide it as an employee benefit, that doesn’t mean you don’t have enough.

Note on life insuranceThese two major categories are commonly referred to by the terms “term” and “permanent”, which cover insurance for a set period of times.

He stated that it’s crucial to fully understand the coverage. Some plans may provide coverage for total disability. This is when the worker becomes permanently disabled from the job. Others may limit their coverage to a specific task or require fewer hours.

Pearson stated that if you earn $100,000 per annum before an illness or injury, but you have lost your ability to work, it could mean you won’t be eligible for insurance.

Time with the family

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Making a marriage and having a family can be difficult, according to Robert Fragasso (CEO of Fragasso Financial Advisors) in Pittsburgh.

“Term life insurance will be suitable until you pay off your mortgage and have two incomes. This is because it covers the cost of saving money to go to college. Permanent insurance is recommended for obligations that will arise after your death, including support for disabled children, business buyouts, and death taxes.

According to Cereus Financial’s Haas, long-term disability insurance can be overlooked in this stage.

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It is important that you’re younger because you can earn a lifetime, which may be endangered if your disability occurs,” he stated.

Pearson suggested that you look at “porting”, or taking with you your disability insurance, when you go on leave to care of a family member or child. He noted that if a parent who is staying at home wants to go back to work, but suffers from a medical condition while being a caregiver, the person might not be able to do so as fast or as efficiently as expected.

How to prepare for retirement

Pearson explained that Pre-retirement should be used to prepare for retirement in case of chronic illness.

There are many options [at that age] … that may be less expensive if you plan early,” he added. “Early” could refer to a couple that doesn’t have plans on having children, but who has extra cash after retiring savings. [in their]He said that the late 50s are when most education costs have been paid off.”

The golden years

Retirement or newly retired? A way to prevent your money from being spent is to invest in a 401(k). single premium immediate annuity, said Ivan Illan, Founder Of Aligne Wealth Preservation in Los Angeles.

The simple annuity pays a lump sum, which is usually irrevocable. This contrasts with deferred annuities, which begin payments at a later date.

He said that it is important to remember that these policies don’t deal with inflation risk.

“Annuities in and of themselves are not evil – it’s all in the application,” Illan said. “But there’s no free lunch – you’re in essence giving away this lump sum, but the cash flows can be significantly better than bonds.”