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Rebuying billion-dollar brand, honesty, mental health


Jessica Simpson is here to tell you something: “I don’t live a perfect lifestyle.”

Even though Simpson has been a high-profile pop star and business mogul for over two decades, this is still a remarkable feat. Simpson, aged 19, was already a top-selling recording artist. She was 34 when Simpson became the first celebrity to start a business. a billion-dollar fashion brand, the Jessica Simpson Collection, which appeared in department stores like Macy’s, Dillard’s and Lord & Taylor.

According to her, her success comes from her willingness to share her mistakes. She has spoken out about many of her problems over the years. From her split from Nick Lachey, a boy-band singer, to her struggle with weight and alcoholism.

I’ve had three pregnancies and been all sizes. Simpson, who is now 41, says that my weight fluctuates even without having a baby. CNBC Make It. I’ve let all of that shame go. “I don’t feel attached to it anymore.”

Most recently, Simpson’s focus is recovering — and rehabilitating — her eponymous brand that once broke $1 billion in annual sales.

Sequential Brands, a licensing company was established in 2015. acquired a majority stakeSimpson’s Brand for an unspecified sum. Last year, Sequential filed for bankruptcy — and in November, a bankruptcy judge approved Simpson’s $65 million bidSequential’s ownership stake was paid mainly by the Simpson family, and two other lenders. according to Bloomberg.

Simpson said, “I took everything out to get it back.” Simpson says, “But I consider myself my greatest investor.” Believe in great things. “I don’t believe anything is possible.”

Simpson claims she is today in a positive place. 100 poundsAfter having her third child, she is now partnering with brands like nasal spray for the third consecutive time. After having her third child in 2019, she is now partnering with nasal spray brands. Flonaseto assist her in rebuilding her lifestyle brand. She says it will include more home and health products as well as men’s and boy’s clothing.

Simpson shares her secrets of success and explains why she gave up so much in order to buy her brand. She also reveals how she maintains her mental well-being every day.

Why Simpson is confident that she can rebuild her brand — even after ‘draining everything’ to recover it

Regaining my brand took faith in me. Although it was difficult, the end result has been incredible. It’s also been a challenging moment for me, when it comes to finances, because I drained everything to buy it back — but I’m my best investment to myself.

It was never my goal to make a living in fashion. It was something I loved and wanted to share my love of fashion with women. I find it very entertaining. If I were to take a closer look, I would think it was quite amusing. [just as a]It wouldn’t work as well in business.

My fame is not the only reason I am a famous brand. Because I can communicate fashion with people, I consider myself a brand. It’s how I feel.

Everyone deserves to be celebrated. A crop top worn by one person in a two-size is unacceptable. If you are wearing it on another, then I believe that if that same person wears the crop top in a twelve size, they should be allowed to also. We were [among]This was the first fashion company to declare, “You can wear this at any size. It’s cute!”

In one sentence, she summarizes her “secret to success”

The secret to my success is honesty. Openness and being yourself is key to success. It’s a wonderful thing to be open and embrace it.

It’s always me that is the most outgoing. [thinks]Slow and steady win the race. I have “determined patience” — it’s patience, but you also have that drive and determination to be the best that you can be for the company and your name.

My career is a reflection of my views. What you see, you will get. Women can really connect to me, because they know that I share parts of themselves that aren’t perfect. I can accept people for what they are and find the unique characteristics in them something to be proud of.

With three pregnancies, I have been all sizes. Even without pregnancy my weight fluctuates, and many obsess. It’s something I have to live with. Now I am at the place that I can accept it.

I try my hardest to just accept and love people for who they are — in a very open way — because I’ve been there too. It’s not a perfect world.

The way that she approached mental health by taking a step back from social media has changed her outlook

My belief is that mental health should be understood, embraced, and managed without getting frustrated.

It is difficult to listen and accept all opinions. All that shame is gone. That is not what I want. It doesn’t really matter how many Instagram likes or followers you have. You don’t have to be negative about the comments of others. What about the three positive comments? These are your intended audience.

It can be difficult when everything looks so amazing on Instagram. It was time to stop. I felt awful about my life. I was like, “Gosh, I want all these people’s lives.” You lose the control you have over your life if you want someone else’s life.

Different meditation styles are available to everyone. Silence is chaotic to my mind, so I couldn’t comprehend it for myself. To say, “be still” without having a thought is incredibly simple. To me, that seems selfish. [So] I journal. It has been my prayer journal since I was 14 years old.

Today, for example, I just needed to list some of my negative thoughts. When I do that, I feel like I can accept the day with gratitude. This day is a blessing in my life.

It can make everything easier and everyone around it feel more comfortable.

Why does she look to her “younger self” for advice?