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Atlanta Apple store is the first to file for union election


Shortly after Apple iPhones were launched in Manhattan on March 18th, 2022, an Apple employee arranges Apple iPhones for customers at Apple Store 5th Avenue.

Mike Segar | Reuters

The following are some examples AppleCommunication Workers of America reported Wednesday that an Atlanta-based retail shop has requested a union election at the Cumberland Mall. The National Labor Relations Board acknowledged receipt of the petition.

Cumberland Mall’s location was the first Apple retail store to petition for a union election in the United States. It is also a significant development in Apple’s efforts to unionize its workforce and bargain for higher pay and better benefits.

According to a press release, over 70% of more than 100 store employees are interested in joining the union. According to a press release, organizers are seeking $28 an hour base wages, higher raises to compensate inflation and profit-sharing opportunities for retail workers. to Bloomberg LawThe first to report the election was.

If more than half of those eligible workers decide to vote, then the store will be the first Apple retail store unionized.

Communication Workers of America is looking for representation at the Cumberland Mall. A separate store in New York CityWorkers United represents the applicant and is actively collecting signatures.

Atlanta union efforts are the latest examples of workers pressing for higher wages and better working conditions. In an inflationary climate, workplace activism is on the rise across the nation as frontline workers are forced to reconsider the benefits and risks of their jobs.

AmazonWorkers voted form a union at a Staten Island warehouseThis month, earlier in the month. Starbucks stores across the nation voted in favor of unionization over the last month.

CNBC spoke with an Apple representative who said that Apple’s retail employees start at $20 an hour.

Apple spokesperson stated in a statement that “We are happy to offer very robust compensation and benefits for all full-time and part-time employees, including healthcare, tuition reimbursements, new parental leaves, paid family time, stock grants, and many other benefits.”