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Novavax’s Covid-Flu Combination Vaccine Has “Potential Path Forward” -Breaking


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Sam Boughedda — Firm in biotechnology Novavax Inc (NASDAQ) announced Wednesday it had confirmed an immune response to its influenza vaccine stand-alone and Covid-19 combination vaccine.

According to the company, there are potential paths forward for both.

Novavax shares initially rose on the news but are now at 2%.

Filip Dubovsky, Chief Medical Officer of the Company, said that the initial phase of the clinical trial revealed that Covid vaccine mixed with flu vaccine produced promising levels of protective antibodies.

“The CIC [COVID-Influenza Combination Vaccine]Novavax stated in a press release that a trial proved the feasibility of combining vaccines.

According to the company, the data support an advance to Phase 2 confirmation trials. These are expected to start by 2022.

Novavax does not yet have an approved vaccine in the United States, however Japan’s Health Ministry officially approved Novavax’s Covid-19 shot earlier this week.