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FAA keeps ‘zero tolerance’ policy for unruly passengers amid optional masking


Avelo Airlines’ inaugural flight to Hollywood Burbank Airport, California (BUR), on Wednesday, April 28, 2021, saw passengers wearing masks and protective glasses board a Boeing Co. 737-880.

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The Federal Aviation Administration continues to adhere to its “zero tolerance” policy regarding unruly passengers despite the fact that a federal judge revoked this week’s transportation requirements from Biden.

The Transportation Security Administration declared that the policy was no longer in force. Airlines announced immediately that masks will be an option.

More than 70% of all 5,981 disruptive passenger reports that the FAA received in the last year were due to disputes over masks.

In response to an increase in complaints from passengers and airline attendants about unruly travel, the FAA implemented this policy in January 2021. This policy will result in heavy fines and possible criminal prosecutions for unruly behavior.

Both unions representing flight attendants received reports of verbal abuse from passengers and physical assaults by them during the pandemic.

According to it, the FBI has been referred in 80 cases.

In a statement, Bill Nolen, acting FAA administrator stated: “Behaving in dangerous ways on an airplane will cost you. That’s a promise.” Unsafe behaviour is unacceptable and we will continue to work towards preventing and punishing this kind of behavior by keeping our Zero Tolerance policy.