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Litecoin Tweets ‘LTC Is Perfect for THC’ To Celebrate Dopest Day -Breaking


Litecoin Tweets ‘LTC Is Perfect for THC’ To Celebrate Dopest Day
  • Cannabis marketplaces and businesses accept customers from the US, UK, Europe.
  • Many THC sellers and buyers accept Litecoin for payments and mining.
  • Some say Litecoin is faster than.

On the occasion of 420, also known as “weed day”, Litecoin announced that THC businesses accept digital payments in the form their token, while some even mine the altcoin to fund their weed farms.

Many cannabis companies are finding innovative ways to take advantage of the digital trend that has been growing with NFTs, the metaverse and other blockchain technologies. Litecoin can also be used for purchasing cannabis via a blockchain metaverse. You will receive the product delivered directly to your home.

Higher Life CBD also became the first marijuana company to establish a CBD dispensary. Customers are now able to shop digitally and get their actual products delivered directly to them.

Kandy Girl, an cannabis brand has stated it sells Delta-9 THC products in Decentraland. It was made possible by a legal loophole in the Federal Farm Bill 2018.

Plain Jain is one of many CBD companies that use crypto payment technology. Other CBD companies include Kush Queen and Industrial Hemp Farms. Highland Pharms is another.

Federal banking institutions remain wary of any cannabis-related items, even though CBD is now legal in the US under the Farm Bill 2018.

CBD companies are denied merchant accounts by banks. These companies have been rapidly moving towards mining and accepting cryptocurrency.

Litecoin, which is close to Bitcoin, is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies. Although the network is slower than other competitors, it’s still considered a faster option to Bitcoin.

Bitcoin and Litecoin share many commonalities. To verify transactions, both currencies use the proof of work (PoW) method. This allows miners solving computational challenges in order to update blockchain with new currency.

Litecoin can process 56 transactions per second, compared to Bitcoin’s seven. It’s also cheaper than Bitcoin due to its $7.8billion market cap.

Litecoin’s progress has been more impressive than Bitcoin when it comes to completed transactions and user interest. Litecoin can now be used as a payment method on many ecommerce sites.

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