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Time Raiders Collabs with Polygon Studios, Brings P2E Adventure -Breaking


Time Raiders Collab with Polygon Studios and Brings P2E A Adventure
  • Polygon Studios partners with Time Raiders
  • These gamers will now have access to P2E adventures games.
  • Polygon Studios will release the beta version of P2E’s adventure game. Time Raiders is also involved.

Time Raiders is a time-travel play-to earn (P2E), game. Polygon Studios has joined forces to offer players the original adventure game available on the platform.

Time Raiders is a game built on the Polygon Blockchain. It uses the NFT and gaming features as well as metaverse to provide players with a fun shoot-and-loot experience. The players will get rewards in NFTs and the native coin of the game — XPND.

The partnership with Polygon Studios opens the door to the game’s open beta launch. This launch should allow for a massive gaming community to get involved in the adventure.

The partnership also creates an open beta testing community for Time Raiders. Utopian Gaming Labs (creator of Time Raiders) will benefit from the partnership, which allows them to develop new features and levels for their open beta project. Utopian Games Labs received an investment in the early stages from Polygon Studios.

Anthony Charlton is the CEO of Utopian Games Labs.

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Our partnership with Polygon Studios is a proud moment for us. The fact that we have so many people interested in Time Raiders before we open it to the public will push us even further to include more community-centered features and concepts to Time Raiders.

Time Raiders incorporates a player-versus-environment and player-versus-player game modes. As the platform takes users on an exciting scavenger hunt across various historical periods, this feature was created. Players do not need to purchase an NFT initial order or have access to a cryptocurrency wallet in order to participate. This ensures that they are always available.

P2E gaming has been immensely popularized since the invention of blockchain. Blockchain-based P2E gaming is a great way to earn NFTs or digital assets. Everyday gamers can now make a living from their hobby of gaming. However, the initial blockchain P2E game players were not impressed with their gameplay or high costs. Time Raiders and other gaming platforms have developed quality games that can be afforded by players.

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