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Meditation app Calm could pay you $5,000 for 60 seconds of work


Calm, an online meditation and wellness business, seeks a person who can help people sleep.

TikTok is its goal to hear from it..Recent developments in the business posted a videoIt was announced on social media that the Next Voice of Calm Contest has been launched. This contest will determine the best voice for recording one of Calm’s Sleep Stories. Also, the winner will receive $5,000

Erik Braa (one of Calm’s Sleep Story narrators), is the one we are looking for. He intones in this video.

Participating participants must post 60 seconds of TikTok that has been stitched to Calm. You can say anything in your one-minute-long entry: A grocery list, your last text, or even a fictional story, Braa said. It’s okay as long it is unique and very soothing.

Calm’s Sleep Stories has been heard by over 350 million people, the company claims. That’s a tremendous opportunity for the winner. Calm also offers other Sleep Stories that have been told by famous voices like Pink, Harry Styles and LeBron James.

Calm, like many other mental health apps, experienced an influx in new users during pandemic. It was also the most downloaded app worldwide in April 2020 with almost four million global downloads that month according to Intelligence firm Sensory Tower. Calm attained a $2 billion valuationIn December 2020 after a 75 million fundraising round.

More recently, the global mental health app industry as a whole — which was valued at $4.2 billion last year, according to a Grand View Research report — has come under fire for not actually improving the mental wellbeing of most users. A January studyPLOS Digital health, an online platform that conducts research on health, published the findings in a paper. It found no evidence to support any intervention using mobile phones.

Calm says that Sleep Stories may actually work. An October 2021 study Jennifer Huberty (the company’s director for science) conducted the study. The majority of participants said that Calm helped them to fall asleep, stay asleep, and have restful sleep. According to the study, nearly 50% of participants had mental health diagnoses and most struggled with sleeping disorders.

Others have voiced concerns about the privacy of meditation and mental health apps. One study published in The Journal. Internet Interventions in 2019According to research, less that half of depression apps had privacy policies.

The privacy policy on Calm’s website statesIt also collects user data from its apps and on third-party platforms. Calm has not yet responded to CNBC Make It’s requests for comment.

Closed on May 13th, the Next Voice of Calm Contest will close. The winner will be announced June 7th. Their Sleep Story is expected to appear on Calm’s App this fall. Only one entry per person is allowed. You must also reside in the United States or United Kingdom and be a legal resident.

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