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Microsoft launches Security Experts services, boosting security spend


Satya Nandella, Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft


MicrosoftThe company’s security division is expanding faster than its other products. Now, the company has three additional services that will help companies spot and react to cyber-attacks.

Microsoft is a leader in cloud software and infrastructure. This means that its technology is the backbone of many companies, regardless of size. Microsoft is able to provide security software to clients and also to offer consultancy-oriented services to a market that has a high demand.

Organizations are the best candidates for investment ramp up their security spendingTo manage increased ransomware threats and hacks to networks. Microsoft and others were able to secure ransomware attacks against their networks last year. technology companies pledgedMicrosoft CEO and approximately 500,000 cybersecurity job openings in America Satya NadellaAnnual research and development spendingThe investment in cybersecurity could jump from $1 billion to $4 billion.

Microsoft’s security business is already worth $15 billion per year. It will increase in 2021 faster than any other significant product or serviceThe company was sold.

CNBC interviewed Vasu Jakkal from Microsoft, who is a vice president for security at the company. He said that people account for a significant portion of Microsoft’s additional spending.

Jakkal stated, “We are just increasing the scale due to the demand we see.”

Microsoft Defender Experts for Hunting is one of the products that will be launched. The program will see Microsoft experts flagging problems in client’s devices. They also install Office 365 productivity software, cloud applications, and identity programs. Each month, it costs only $3. Microsoft will be in direct competition against pure-play security software vendors like CrowdStrike.

Microsoft Defender Experts is available for XDR at a cost of $14 per user per month. This is a labour-intensive service where Microsoft employees are required to assist companies in taking action against threats. This kind of work is performed by several companies including big four accounting firms.

Microsoft Security Services for Enterprise (the third and final new offering) offers a wide range of human-driven services.

Craig Robinson, an analyst who works in security for IDC, stated that Microsoft will be able to take market share in managed services security.

Robinson stated, in reference to the talent scarcity that “this whole area is growing by double digits.”

Microsoft’s cloud competitor number one GoogleThe company is also keen to expand in the area. Google was founded in March. announcedIts intention to purchase MandiantContact us for $5.4 Billion BloombergIn February, it was reported that Microsoft was in negotiations to purchase Mandiant. This company has for many years assisted companies and government agencies with breach investigations.

Microsoft must now scale up its services to keep pace with demand.

Robinson claimed that he was certain there were 1,000 job openings for Microsoft security right now.

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