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Metaverse Peek – The Purpose Behind DecentWorld’s Internal Currency

The web3 economy is expected to reach $13 trillion by 2030 according to experts. Even the largest metaverse skeptics will be amazed. It is clear that we are witnessing the rise of a completely new economy – but how exactly does its money work?

DecentWorld, an online platform that offers digital real-estate services, is owned by Switzerland. After just months of being launched, DecentWorld reported selling $19 million in virtual Street NFTs. The platform acts as a gateway to the metaverse, allowing individuals, agents & companies to acquire, hold and sell virtual real estate or Street NFTs.

DecentWorld’s current internal paltforms’s economy is fueled by their native currency, the DWRLD utility token.

DWRLD tokens explained

Metaverses are a vast concept. This immersive world allows for interconnected experiences that allow you to experience the same things as in the real world but without having to travel. This emerging market attracts the most prominent brands and creators while also bridging different industries. A well-crafted economy will allow trading in the metaverse. This is often done with internal currency.

Metaverse tokens can be used as virtual currencies to perform digital transactions on a platform. Because some metaverses have blockchain as their foundation, transactions are considered safe and secure.

The DecentWorld team has chosen to take that same path and have its internal currency — the DWRLD token which is used for digital transactions.

“Our DWRLD token is a unique, in-house created cryptocurrency. You can use it for trading purposes such as selling or buying within DecentWorld. We created it not having in mind one particular blockchain but rather focused on its utilities and the ease of technical implementation,” the creators explain.

Users pay less

It is not worth creating a brand new cryptocurrency when you have hundreds available. DecentWorld shares their thoughts on why a functioning utility token like DWRLD is important in these days and age where new metaverses are popping up almost every day.

“Contrary to some of the metaverse projects out there, we made the decision to have an internal currency in order to have more control over costs for the user. Using well-known coins such as is also possible, however processing fees, third party providers, and long strings of public and private crypto keys would only increase the final amount on the user’s end,” the DecentWorld team says.
Each transaction made in DecentWorld using the internal currency helps to reduce the end cost of the Assets or Street NFTs, which ultimately makes a positive impact on the platform’s overall economy.

NFTs – The Ticket to the Metaverse

If the metaverse is built using blockchain it will keep a record of everything that’s bought, sold, and traded on a ledger. Street NFT purchases by users will provide irrefutable proof of ownership.

DecentWorld currently allows users to buy digital copies of street maps from the real world. Landmarks, Buildings, and Collections, which are unique sets of Street NFTs, will soon be added. The virtual Assets can be traded from any platform as they are available in separate NFTs.

The DecentWorld team believes that this industry will create millions of jobs that don’t exist in the world right now, and will completely reimagine how resources are monetized.

Digital economies were born out of the desire to collect digital assets for later sale on different virtual markets. They are the future. The metaverse operates in this way: you can participate and get rewarded. NFT technology accelerates the evolution of the metaverse economic and will soon achieve a point at which there’s no returning in our understanding of the world,” says the team.

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