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Capitol riot probe subpoenas Trump House GOP allies Kevin McCarthy, Jim Jordan


Kevin McCarthy, House Republican leader (Republican House member from CA), listens to his fellow Republican House members discuss U.S. president Joe Biden’s first full year on Capitol Hill in Washington. It was January 20, 2022.

Kevin Lamarque | Reuters

The panel announced Thursday that Kevin McCarthy, House Republican Leader and four Republican lawmakers who were ally with Donald Trump, was subpoenaed to the committee’s investigation into the Jan. 6, Capitol Riot.

It was the first occasion that the bipartisan inquiry had subpoenaed sitting Congress members. It was less than one month ago that the House committee intended to hold a series of open hearings.

McCarthy and the other Republican House members who are being subpoenaed for their testimony include Reps. Jim Jordan, Andy Biggs, Mo Brooks, Alabama, and Scott Perry, Pennsylvania.

The panel had requested that all five Republicans refuse to cooperate in the investigation.

In a press release, Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Mississ) stated that the Select Committee had learned from several of its colleagues information pertinent to the investigation into the January 6th attack and related events.

“Before our hearings next month we wanted to give members an opportunity to talk with the committee about these issues voluntarily. Thompson stated that regrettably the subpoenaed individuals today refused to comply with the request and they’re now forced to make this decision to ensure the committee discovers the facts about January 6, 2009.

Bipartisan select committee investigating January 6, 2021 events, in which a mob of Trump supporters broke through security lines and stormed the Capitol Building. The riot caused lawmakers to leave their rooms and temporarily stopped Congress’ confirmation of President Joe Biden’s victory in the Electoral College over Trump.

McCarthy January rejected the committee’s request to provide information related to the probe, saying he had “nothing else to add.” House minority leader and speaker, Trump, originally claimed responsibility, but he now supports Trump.

The audio tapes were made shortly after the Capitol Riot and released last month. They showed McCarthy telling Republicans he would. ask Trump to resign as president and worrying about incendiary comments made by his GOP colleagues.

The committee’s press release said that McCarthy “was in communication with President Trump before, during,And after the attack on January 6th.”

McCarthy also spoke to White House staff at the time of the attack. They discussed Capitol issues before and during the riot with McCarthy, said the panel.

According to the press release, McCarthy claimed that he had spoken with President Trump in the immediate aftermath. During this discussion, President Trump acknowledged some responsibility for the attack.

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