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MetaMetaverse Drops MetaShip NFTs, Eases Cross-Metaverse Travel -Breaking


MetaMetaverse Announces MetaShip Non-Following Travel, and Eases Cross-Metaverse Travel
    • MetaMetaverse drops MetaShip NFTs.
    • This move is intended to promote cross-metaverse travel.
    • MetaMetaverse offers different metaverse experiences.

MetaMetaverse’s metaverse platform MetaMetaverse has announced the MetaShip NFT Drop on OpenSea. This drop contains 5,000 NFTs. Each NFT is unique and has different properties. Sale of the collection began May 9, 2009, and ends May 13, 2013. MetaShip NFT costs 0.1 Ethereum

MetaMetaverse is able to establish a Neo-phase with the MetaShip drop. The MetaMetaverse will offer exclusive space vehicles that allow you to travel between different metaverses. A MetaShip allows whitelist access to tier 1 metaverse drops and allows NFT holders to purchase a metaverse within the next few months.

Joel Dietz (CEO and founder of MetaMetaverse), made the following comment:

“MetaMetaverse is the first step to building a spacefaring civilization. MetaShips will get you there. We are happy to see many people signing up and getting their ships.”

Although the MetaShip NFT collection is cross-chain extensible, it remains on the blockchain. The metametalang commands that are available on Layer 2 platforms like Polygon allow for upgrades. Token IDs are not able to be removed from the Ethereum blockchain, but they will still remain as proof of ownership and authenticity.

MetaShip’s collection includes tiers of warships that are distinctive by their uniqueness or colors.

  • Common: MetaShips in blue or gray (50% of supply).
  • It is rare to find green, yellow and red MetaShips in the stock (45%).
  • Very rare: Silver and black MetaShips (4.54%).
  • Gold (0.55%) is extremely rare.

MetaShips encourage traversal, and can be used as passports for the virtual society of tomorrow. The users have the ability to access new forms of governance that are compatible with space-age civilisation. MetaShip can also be used to purchase land in MetaMetaverse in future and will have access to blockchain-based games. MetaShip holders can also access the future NFT rewards or drops that MetaMetaverse organizes.

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