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White House hits back at Amazon’s Bezos after Biden inflation spat


Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s CEO, speaks at the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow (Scotland), Britain on November 2, 2021.

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On Monday, the White House reacted to this statement. AmazonJeff Bezos was mocked by President Joe Biden during a string of tweets he sent over the weekend regarding his inflation comments.

Biden started the exchange on Friday by tweeting, but not specifically referring to Amazon: “You want to reduce inflation?” Let’s ensure that the richest corporations get their fair share.

Bezos responded to Biden’s tweetHe accused him of misdirection and argued there is no connection between corporate taxes and inflation. Bezos stated that raising corp taxes was fine for discussion. Talking about how to control inflation is crucial. It is a misdirection to try and mash them together.

Consumer inflation rose at a hotter-than-expected 8.3% pace in AprilThis is more than the 8.1% Dow Jones estimate, and it’s near its highest point in over 40 years.

Bezos further criticizedBiden’s tweet Sunday describing the Biden administration’s attitude to inflation. Biden stated that the American Rescue Plan cost $1.9 trillion, and he agreed to it. signed into law last MarchThis contributed to an increase in inflation. Bezos stated that the most damaging effect of inflation on the poor is also evident.

Andrew Bates, White House spokesperson said that the “it doesn’t take a big leap to figure why” Bezos would object to Biden’s suggestion to increase taxes on ultra-wealthy people and corporations.

Bates released a statement saying that it was not unusual for the tweet to be sent after President Trump met with labor organizers and Amazon workers.

Bezos Expeditions was Bezos venture capital company. They didn’t respond promptly to my request for comment.

Biden was present at an earlier meeting of union organizers. in April succeeded in organizing an Amazon warehouse on New York’s Staten IslandThis marked the first U.S. union for an e-commerce firm.

Bezos’s first major public fight was the Twitter spat. Former President Donald Trump was frequent critic of Bezos during his tenure in office. Trump was critical of Amazon’s U.S. use. Postal Service. Trump falsely claimed that The Washington Post (which is owned by Bezos) is a “lobbyist”.

Biden’s Friday tweet didn’t specifically call out Amazon, but he’s repeatedly attacked the company for its behavior. tax history. Amazon has greatly benefited from the tax deductions and credits. paid no federal income taxes in 2017 and 2018. Bezos, the Amazon CEO, resigned. last yearIn addition, he has become a frequent target. Democrats’ discussions of wealth inequality in the U.S.He is a man of immense wealth.

Biden also recently voiced supportAmazon’s unionization efforts. He made a speech at a national trade union conference and stated that he was encouraging efforts to organize Amazon warehouses. Amazon, we are here!

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