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Trump picks Oz, Cawthorn face GOP primaries in Pennsylvania, North Carolina


Pennsylvania U.S. Senate nominee Dr. Mehmet Z speaks in a Republican leadership forum held at Newtown Athletic Club. May 11, 2022, Newtown.

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Two former presidents Donald Trump’sHigh-profile endorsements may be victorious in the key midterm election season, which is heating up.

The largest primary election day to date will see voters in these states as well as those in Kentucky, Idaho, Oregon and others, head to polls on Tuesday.

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This may be also the most shocking. One of Trump’s preferred candidates, North Carolina Rep. Madison Cawthorn, is fighting to stay above water as a torrent of scandals, missteps and vicious attacks — including harsh criticism from his fellow Republicans — threaten to sink his reelection bid.

Meanwhile in Pennsylvania, Trump has backed Dr. Mehmet Oz, the former host of “The Dr. Oz Show” who is one of three top contenders in an intense — and intensely expensive — battle for an open Senate seat.

Rep. Madison Cawthorn, NC-11, makes remarks at Hilton Anatole Hotel Dallas, Texas, Friday, July 9, 2021.

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This could be a good indicator of Trump’s influence on politics, as he has already endorsed over a dozen candidates participating in Tuesday’s election. With the exception of Nebraska’s governor-elect candidate, most of Trump’s nominees have won their primaries. Charles Herbster. After multiple female accusations of him for sexual misconduct, he lost his primary race. Herbster has denied these allegations.

While the Republican Party hopes to take control of both the House and Senate this fall, Trump who strongly suggested he may be considering a run for the presidency in 2024 is looking to consolidate his position as de facto leader. These prospects may be affected depending on the outcome of Tuesday’s primaries.

This is what you should be watching:

North Carolina

At the moment, Tar Heel State’s 11th Congressional district is considered a safely Republican seatNo matter who wins Tuesday, But the GOP primary has nevertheless become a must-watch race, thanks to incumbent Rep. Cawthorn’s penchant for seizing attention — and courting controversy.

Cawthorn won in 2020 the seat which Republican ex-Rep. Mark Meadows had left to become Trump’s White House Chief of Staff. Cawthorn, 26 years, was the youngest member of Congress. He quickly became a celebrity, winning an award. endorsement from TrumpThree months have passed since the day you were sworn in to office.

Cawthorn could have become a favorite in his red district due to the combination of Trump endorsement, name recognition and incumbency. His recent remarks and actions in the last months made him an easy target for both sides.

He accused Congressmen of using drugs in a podcast interview from March. invited him to orgies. The remarks sparked outrage in Washington from Republicans including Kevin McCarthy, House Minority Leader.

Cawthorn was also cited for speeding and driving while revocation of license.

Cawthorn received a misdemeanor crime charge in April bringing a handgunTo a North Carolina Airport. He had never done it before.

Ethics watchdogs raised concerns about Cawthorn’s possible insider trading over his connection to an anti-Biden cryptocurrency later that month. Senator Thom Tillis is a North Carolina Republican. called for a House ethics probeThese allegations are not true.

Tillis already supported State Senator Chuck Edwards to fill Cawthorn’s seat. Edwards, who is among seven Republicans that are challenging Cawthorn’s seat, is currently considered a leading contender in the primary.

An earlier video featuring the congressman was released by Fire Madison Cawthorn, an activist group. naked in a bed and thrustingOn top of someone else. Cawthorn stated that the video was taken “years back” and that Cawthorn was just “being silly with a friend.”

These are the other behaviors According to, the apparent to have suffered a significant loss. recent pollingCawthorn could still have an unsurmountable lead.

Trump voiced support for Cawthorn Sunday night by writing on social media that Madison did an excellent job when he was elected as Congressman. Trump said that Cawthorn was 18 when he was involved in a crash which left him paralysed.

“Recently, Trump made some silly mistakes which I don’t believe he’ll repeat… Let’s give Madison a chance! Trump said it.

Polls in the North Carolina primary are open from 6:30 a.m. ET – 7:30 PM ET. 


Pennsylvania was one the most competitive swing state in 2020’s presidential election. It is expected to play a significant role in the battle for the Senate majority.

You can’t have money without it poured into the state’s Senate Republican primaryThe total amount spent by candidates and political parties on TV and radio advertising is more than $55 millions according to ad tracker Medium Buying.

Much jostling was required to secure a position. polls now showIt is a tight race between Oz McCormick, an ex-hedge fund CEO, and Kathy Barnette (right-wing commentator), who have seen an eleventh hour surge in support.

These three candidates will be competing in the general election to fill the Senate seat that is being vacant by retired Republican Senator Pat Toomey.

Although the GOP has the purple-state Senate seat, it is not a sure thing. In 2016, Toomey narrowly defeated Katie McGinty. It could prove to be one of the greatest chances for Democrats of flipping a red seat, and perhaps keeping control of the Senate beyond the midterms.

Oz, who was a well-known celebrity doctor and lived in New Jersey for 20 decades, but has not held office before in Pennsylvania, despite Trump’s backing. He was reportedly booedTrump at a campaign rally earlier in the month. Although he spent many millions of dollars on attacks ads and other ads, his spending is almost equal to Barnette’s campaign, which has apparently raised over $13 million. less than $2 millionTotal

Barnette’s rise in popularity has coincided with greater attention to her anti-Muslim history tweetsAlso, reportsThat she marched toward the U.S. Capitol building, Jan. 6, 2021 was the day when Trump supporters invaded it.

John Fetterman (the lieutenant governor in Pennsylvania) is the frontrunner according to many polls.

Fetterman (52), announced two days prior to the primary that he would be retiring. he had had a stroke.

Fetterman explained that it was “caused by a clot in my brain from too much time in A-fib rhythm,” in a statement. Gisele Fetterman, his wife, said that he was able to be taken to hospital quickly to remove the “clot” and reverse the stroke.

“The good news? I feel better. The doctors also confirmed my diagnosis that there was no cognitive damage. Fetterman stated that he is well on his way to complete recovery. According to Fetterman’s campaign, the illness will prevent him attending his election night watch party.

Pennsylvania’s polls are open at 7 AM. ET: 8 p.m. ET on Election Day.