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Elon Musk says he doesn’t plan to donate to GOP super PACs in upcoming elections


Elon Musk, the billionaire entrepreneur claims he doesn’t have plans to finance a Republican superPAC for any of the U.S. presidential elections. Joe BidenThe 2024 Presidential Race

It TeslaForbes lists SpaceX CEO as the richest person in the country. He told CNBC via email that he has ruled out the funding of such an external group. These super PACs have the ability to raise and spend unlimited amounts to fund their campaigns against opponents. This makes them key instruments for those who are more interested in politics than they do just a little bit..Forbes claims that Forbes’ net worth exceeds $218 billion. Forbes is one of a few business leaders who has publiclyFight with Biden’s administration.

Musk, CEO of Tesla, SpaceX and Tesla, said that he does not plan to set up a super-PAC. He was asked whether he would create his own fund for the campaign to remove Biden from office. If asked if he would finance a super PAC for the upcoming elections, Musk responded “No super PAC nothing going on”, Sam Bankman Fried and Peter Thiel, tech executives who have combined donated at least $35 Million.,According to Federal Election Commission records, there have been no super PACs in 2022’s election cycle. Musk and Thiel belong to the so-called “PayPal Mafia”, an elite group of executive who launched the financial technology firm PayPal.

Musk said twice this weekAlthough he stated that he intends to vote for Republicans during the next election, he also said that he voted previously for Democrats including former President Barack Obama.

In February, he told CNBC that Biden had “really” gotten rid of him. pointedlyAt every opportunity, Tesla was ignored.” “The Biden administration in April announced that they had a meetingDiscuss electric cars with Musk and other executives at GM, such as Mary Barra CEO.

Musk is continuedTo blast Biden, despite meeting with officials from the administration.

When asked if he planned to campaign or donate to any candidate or issue in the future, he didn’t reply to emails. His Twitter account can be used to criticize Biden or the Democrats in the future, and he may also decide to make a donation directly to a GOP candidate’s presidential campaign.

Musk may also be able to fund a nonprofit 501(c), which could target Biden’s policies during the 2022 midterms, and the election of 2024. These types of organizations allow billionaires such as Musk to keep their identities private, since they don’t have to disclose who donated to them.

Musk stated that he would prefer not to be involved in politics, but his donations to campaigns and company lobbying efforts as well as his tweets to millions of his followers are all part of his political strategy. shows the opposite is true.

Although his political donations were split evenly between Democrats, Republicans and Republicans in the past, FECRecords show that his last contribution to the Republican National Committee was in 2012. Musk almost gave $40,000The Republican Political Action Committee Protect The House was a PAC created to defend the GOP majority in the 2018 midterm elections. That cycle, the Republicans lost their majority of seats in Congress. According to federal disclosure reports, Tesla and SpaceX combined spent over $450,000 lobbying during the first quarter 2022.

Some strategists claim that Republicans can’t rely on Musk’s support for pivotal elections such as the 2022 midterms and 2024 fight to the White House by disengaging themselves from funding a super PAC.

Musk might use Musk’s Twitter account to harass these people, and most of them declined to identify themselves.

According to one Republican strategist, Musk was too loose of control for people to depend on. This person stated, “One day, he supports your, and the next, who know?”

One Silicon Valley consultant who knows both Jeff Bezos and Musk said that neither of them tend to “put money behind their statements” in this field. Bezos also has publicly criticized the government. its stance on inflation. Forbes rates Bezos third richest person on the planet, with an estimated net worth of more than $130 billion.

Musk has been trying to purchase Twitter. The original offer was worth over $800,000. $40 billion.Musk indicated that the deal could be made public if it does not receive regulatory approval. holdHe will not be able to determine how many fake Twitter accounts he is using until then. The Wall Street Journal reported Musk’s death. The Securities and Exchange Commission was investigating. disclosureHis stake in Twitter. The JournalThis reporter previously reported on the fact that Tesla Stock Sales is being investigated by the FBI.

Musk, a former President Donald Trump. he would allow backIn spite of being permanently banned from Twitter’s platform, Trump has not been denied the possibility of running against Biden for president in 2024. Trump stated that he does not want to be relegated to Twitter, and will continue to use Truth Social. Mary Anne Marsh, a Democratic strategist, says Democrats should not have Musk finance a super PAC. Trump could use Twitter as a mouthpiece and potentially control it.

Marsh said, “Who really needs a super-PAC when Twitter can be used to give Trump his power?” Marsh stated to CNBC. “If Musk controls Twitter, then Trump can return to that platform. That’s worth billions of dollars to his campaign.”