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Kissinger says Taiwan cannot be at the core of U.S.-China neogitations


In the 1970s, Kissinger was secretary of state under Republican Presidents Richard Nixon (and Gerald Ford) and as national security adviser.

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Henry Kissinger, an American diplomat and veteran, stated Monday that Washington should not place Taiwan at the centre of its tense diplomatic relations. Also adding that global peace requires that China’s largest economies avoid direct confrontation.

He made these comments shortly after Vice President Joe Biden stated that the U.S. was ready to respond militarily in the event of an invasion by China on the democratic and self-governing island.

Biden’s comments appeared to be a departure from Washington’s decades-old tradition of “strategic uncertainty” regarding Taiwan. Quickly, the White House tried to minimize Biden’s comments and claimed that they did not represent a shift in policy.

Kissinger spoke at the World Economic Forum, a rare, springtime edition of Davos. He said that the United States shouldn’t subterfuge, or in a slow process, develop a “two-China” solution. However, China will keep up the same patience as it has done so far.

Avoid direct confrontation and Taiwan should not be considered the center of any negotiations, as it lies between China and America.

Biden spoke earlier Monday to reporters in a news conference that Biden held with Fumio Kishida, the Japanese Prime Minister. He said that the U.S. was ready to defend Taiwan against an invasion by Beijing.

China’s Foreign Ministry responded to the comments with a strong dissatisfaction, and firm opposition.

As a keystone of diplomatic relations between Washington & Beijing, “one China”, the U.S. diplomats acknowledge China’s assertion that there is one Chinese government.

But, the U.S. maintains an “robust informal” relationship with Taiwan. Washington provides military equipment to Taiwan in accordance the 1979 Taiwan Relations Act. The act doesn’t require that the U.S. intervene militarily in Taiwan to protect it from China, but considers it an option to provide the necessary resources for Taiwan to self-defense and deter Beijing unilaterally unifying.

China asserts Taiwan is its territorial territory. It has put pressure on Taiwan to become its puppet.

“Important for peace overall”