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Crypto is changing how humanitarian agencies deliver aid and services -Breaking


Crypto technology is revolutionizing the way humanitarian organizations deliver assistance and other services.

In most countries, cryptocurrency is used for its primary purpose: to acquire it and hold it, trade it or use it in other ways to earn more money.Innovative humanitarian organisations are piloting microblockchain ecosystems in the developing world where financial access is restricted or non-existent.

Hope for Haiti launched a pilot cryptocurrency program in the summer 2021 to give 150 mothers cellphones, digital wallets, and payment cards using near-field communications technology. Every mom who participated in the community nutrition program would receive $50 each month in cUSD, for six months. This money could be used to purchase family necessities. A selected group of local vendors received training to learn how to use it and were ready to take cryptocurrency payments. Haitis Tiburon Peninsula was devastated by an earthquake of magnitude 7.2 on August 14.


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