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Texas school shooting leaves American parents angry, anxious, resigned -Breaking


© Reuters. FILE PHOTO – People react to the shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde Texas on May 24, 2022. REUTERS/Marco Bello

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(Reuters) – Melissa Zeidan was running errands in her San Francisco neighborhood on Tuesday – filling her car’s gas tank, returning some clothes – while two of her young children were at school. She began to sob immediately after hearing about the massacre in Uvalde Texas.

Zeidan, 42 years old, is a parent of a first grader, preschooler and toddler.

Her grief, fear, and anger had turned into anger and actions by Wednesday. According to her, the feeling was shared by other parents and friends. Zeidan, a self-described political novice, joined Moms Demand Action to advocate for tighter gun laws.

“I’m so enraged,” Zeidan said. We can’t let this go and not try to make a difference.

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Mothers and fathers all across America turned to social media in the wake of the murder of 19 Robb Elementary School students and their teachers.

Others encouraged their friends and family to reach out to elected officials to push for gun reforms. Many others shared their grief for Texas parents who couldn’t put their kids to bed on Tuesday night and how terrifying it was to have to take their little ones to school Wednesday morning.

A gunman opened fire on a Buffalo, New York grocery store killing 10 customers. Many were unsure how to speak to their children. In addition to the Uvalde shooting, it brought back memories of those students who were killed in two mass shootings, one in Connecticut and another in Florida.

Mary Kate Roach (41), lived in Newtown, Pennsylvania, with her son, 1 year old, when Sandy Hook Elementary was attacked. It all came back to Uvalde after the unfolding tragedy.

According to her, “When I first heard of the events, I experienced the same visceral reactions as when I was nine years old.” “I was afraid I’d vomit.” “I sobbed for the rest of the day.”

Now 9, her son, who is also in third grade and very close to Texas victims, is 9 years old.

Roach stated, “I will talk to Johnny at some point to discuss it. Explain what happened. Answer his questions.” Roach said, “I’ll also need to reassure him that his safety is assured at school. Because I can’t tell him with absolute certainty and confidence, I will lie.


Lately, it has been difficult to parent. COVID-19, the pandemic which kept many children from school for long periods of time, caused them to lose their jobs and stopped them learning.

Recent increases in the cost of staples like food and fuel have made it more difficult for parents to afford these items. A shortage of formula for infant care has also been a problem.

Rebecca Falzano, 40-years-old, is a Falmouth mother and writer.

Uvalde brought some of the veterans of gun-control movements a deep sense of resignation at the failure to act by federal lawmakers after the Sandy Hook shootings.

Kim Parker Russell (53), a Brooklyn mother-of-two who became an activist through Moms Demand Action after Sandy Hook inspired her to speak out.

Russell stated, “For the very first time in my life I’m at complete loss.” It’s not enough to send people to the polls. That was what we did. Biden is a Democratic Congressman. While we did our work, it’s still difficult to accomplish this task.

On Wednesday, a New Salem district, New York told parents that its police officers were increasing their patrols in response to Newtown’s shooting similarities. One district in Houston tried to assure parents there weren’t currently any active threats.

Millard House, superintendent of Houston’s independent schools district said that she will be holding her children tighter than ever when they see her. We should all remember those whose loved ones have died.

Kristen Schnaekel (51) is a mother of three and an early childhood teacher in Centreville. After Sandy Hook, she recalls having to prepare her 5 year-olds for active-shooter drills.

She stated, “I was certain that something would happen.” “I have been feeling pretty miserable all day.”