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NRO announces satellite imagery contracts to Maxar, Planet, BlackSky


Maxar captured new satellite imagery in the Ukrainian port of Berdyansk. This shows that there is a Russian Alligator Class landing ship, partially submerged at one of the ports loading and unloading quays.

Maxar Technologies | Getty Images

Wednesday’s announcement by the National Reconnaissance Office was made to announce contracts for “billions of Dollars” in the next decade with three companies that specialize in satellite imagery. Maxar, PlanetAnd BlackSky.

NRO referred to the contract as “a historical expansion” in its acquisition strategy. NRO also noted that increasing access of imagery from commercial companies “increases resilience and enables a holistic approach” towards national security.

BlackSky shares were up 27%, and Planet’s rose 5.5%. This is compared to the previous closes, which was $1.18/share and $5.02/share, respectively. The New York Stock Exchange stopped trading in Maxar’s stock shortly after the announcement.

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