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Selfless Texas teachers died shielding their students -Breaking


© Reuters. FILE PHOTO – A sign with the teacher/class list is posted outside Sgt Willie de Leon Civic Center. This was where the students were taken from Robb Elementary School in Uvalde Texas to pick them up following a possible shooting.

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(Reuters] – Eva Mireles & Irma Garcia were proud to be teaching fourth graders in Uvalde at Robb Elementary. Their vocation was to teach children and protect them from harm.

According to police, relatives of Garcia and Mireles lost their lives trying to protect students when a gunman broke into their school and set fire to their semi-automatic guns.

The gunman and nineteenth child were both aged 9 and 10. Numerous other victims were injured.

Garcia was married and a mother to four children. She taught 23 years at Robb Elementary.

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John Martinez, her nephew wrote that “She died with her children in her arms trying protecting them,” on Twitter. “Those weren’t just her students they were her kids as well.”

Eva Mireles’ daughter wrote a tribute on Wednesday to her mother, as it was almost the end of school year.

“I don’t know how to do this life without you, but I will take care of dad. Adalynn Ruiz posted on Facebook: “I will care for our dogs, and I will always say your name to you so that you will be remembered,” Eva Mireles (4th grade teacher, Robb Elementary) who bravely jumped in front her students’ lives.”

Garcia (46) was named the “teacher of year” at the school she has dedicated her life to. Her name was included among the 19 finalists of Trinity University’s Prize for Excellence in Teaching. In third grade she was an English Language Arts Reading teacher.

“It is so exciting to get started with this new school year!” Garcia posted a note to the website of his school district before the academic year started.

Long-time teacher, she gave students an insight into her life, and shared her passions with them. She said that barbecuing was her favorite pastime, along with Joe, her husband of 24. The proud mother of four, her eldest son attended military boot camp while her second son went to Texas State University. Two of her younger children were also born to her.

In a Facebook photo, her husband and son were holding a sign with a heart shape that said “Proud Bobcat Family” in reference to Texas State’s football team.

Eva Mireles has been trained in special and bilingual education. According to the school’s web site, she loved running and hiking. She also loved her daughter and husband.

Ruben Ruiz (her husband) is a school district officer, which serves as the police agency that investigates the massacre.

Lydia Martinez Delgado her aunt grieved in a post on Facebook asking for prayers for her and her entire family. Nearly 80% of the population are Hispanics or Latino. The community is located about 80 miles (130km) west San Antonio.

“I find it disgusting that the shootings go on. These innocent children are not to be blamed. These children should not have access to guns. My hometown is a smaller community of less then 20,000. Martinez Delgado stated in a statement that she never thought this would happen, especially to loved ones.

According to the statement, “All that we can do for our country, state and schools is to pray hard for the families of all.”

The school year had just two days before Tuesday’s tragedy. School district cancelled classes and established grief counselling for survivors.