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Twitter settles after feds claim it used 2FA info to target ads


Musk had been expected to join Twitter’s board, however, Musk informed Twitter on Saturday that the richest man in the world would not be joining the board.

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TwitterA $150 million settlement was reached with the Department of Justice & Federal Trade Commission regarding alleged misrepresentations of the data privacy practices of the Federal Trade Commission. announcedThis Wednesday

Although the federal judge has yet to approve it, the settlement would settle claims by the government that Twitter didn’t adequately inform its users of how their information could be used to target ads and not just protect their accounts. 2011 settlementThe agency was notified.

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A lawsuit was filed by the government to accompany the announcement of settlement. The government claimed that Twitter had misrepresented the security and privacy measures it took to protect users’ personal information.

They claimed that Twitter had told its users to collect their phone numbers and emails to protect their accounts using two-factor authentication. However, it did not reveal it used the information to target advertisers with their messages. Twitter was also accused of falsely asserting it complied with the international privacy shield frameworks, which ban companies processing personal data in ways they don’t authorize.

Lina Khan (FTC Chair) stated in a statement that Twitter’s allegations of violations had affected more than 140,000,000 users.

Twitter will have to implement additional compliance measures in the settlement. These include a complete privacy program, conducting an privacy review, writing a report, and creating a written privacy policy before it launches any new service or product that collects personal user data. Also, testing and maintaining its privacy protections regularly. Regular independent reviews of the data privacy program will be required. Compliance with settlement terms will be enforced by both the FTC and DOJ.

Vanita Gupta (DOJ Associate Attorney General) stated that “The $150 Million penalty reflects Twitter’s seriousness. And the new substantial compliance measures that were imposed today as a result will help to prevent other misleading tactics that may threaten users’ privacy.” 

Twitter paid $150 Million to settle the case. 2021 revenue5.08 Billion

It is just the latest U.S. enforcement effort to protect data privacy rights. The FTC has settled a privacy case against Facebook in 2019. a record $5 billion. Critics at the time said this wasn’t enough. It was about 9%.

Twitter has not yet responded to the request for comment.

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