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Texas official identified bodies of classmate, friends’ kids -Breaking


© Reuters. As Constable David Valdez holds Uvalde Justice for the Peace Eulalio Diaz, Diaz recounts how he had to identify 19 bodies after being shot in Uvalde (Texas), U.S.A May 25, 2022. Omar Ornelas/USA Today Network via


Brad Brooks

UVALDE (Texas) – Eulalio Jr. walked in to the classroom that had seen 19 children and 2 teachers killed just a few hours earlier, and looked down at the ground to see one of his high school classmates.

The bodies of four-graders whose parents were his friends were also found in this hellish scene.

Diaz was the Justice of the Peace for Uvalde in Texas. This is where the gunman committed one of the most horrific school shootings in American history. He also had to identify the victims. Diaz, who is also the coroner in the county, has to identify the deceased because Uvalde lacks a medical examiner.

Diaz (49) said that he prepared himself for any scenario that could happen before he entered Robb Elementary School in order to start the identification process.

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The things he saw went far beyond what he had expected.

The body of Irma Garcia, one of two teachers who were killed in the attack on the school classroom that resulted in the deaths of all the victims, was found on the ground.

She was one year behind me at Uvalde High School. “We were together throughout junior high and high school,” Diaz stated to Reuters from his Uvalde Courthouse office. We really do know the identities of these victims.

It’s almost like throwing a big rock in a small pond, when a tragedy this large strikes. The ripples of the pain seem unavoidable.

Diaz explained that she received Facebook messages last night when I arrived home after having identified all victims. Diaz revealed that she knew many grandparents and parents who had lost their children.

Diaz explained that the process of identifying children was painful because they didn’t possess IDs or name badges.

The bodies of many victims were badly damaged. Diaz tried his best to save the parents any pain he could. His goal was to positively identify those who had been murdered by using descriptions from their parents of the clothing that the kids wore to school and the photos they gave him.

It wasn’t enough. The bodies had been too heavily inflated. Texas Rangers had DNA tests done on family members.

Diaz’s voice trailed, saying that “my job is to ensure we release the bodies of the right person to their families.” “My job it to bring these bodies back to their parents.”

Diaz believes that Uvalde’s pain is due to the fact “everybody know everybody”, which will help Uvalde heal faster.

We all feel this anguish. However, we can all support one another,” said he.