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Spike Lee Releases an NFT Collection Based on His First Movie -Breaking


Spike Lee’s First Movie Inspired NFT Collection

Legendary filmmaker Spike Lee recently teamed up with The Visible Project to release an NFT collection of Lee’s 1986 full-length debut “She’s Gotta Have It.”

Spike Lee played Mars Blackmon in the film. 3,945 NFTs were created from the original frames. Furthermore, the NFTs are meant to portray “unique generative properties inspired by the film.” The NFT collection will be released on blockchain on The Visible Project’s site. The Visible Project allows filmmakers to connect, share their stories and get support. All NFT purchasers can vote for which films are funded by The Visible project.

Spike Lee says NFTs are a brand new experience

In his collaboration with The Visible Project, Spike Lee admitted NFTs and Web 3.0 is “something completely new” to him, but he is “in the position to win.” To be exact, the legendary director will work as a mentor for The Visible Project and will be able to curate winners of the competition.

According to Eliot Greene, co-founder of The Visible Project, cutting out the middleman in filmmaking will be important for the development of the art: “We’re creating a decentralized film studio, where we’re going to be financing short films directly from emerging artists, and every NFT equals vote.”

The Web3 Tool for Creative Freedom

To sum up, the new project’s main aim is to decentralize and democratize the current film industry. It looks like Web 3.0 is a handy tool to achieve that, as Alexander Gorgi, from a Web 3.0 startup Habitat Labs said: “Our goal is to build a world where all artists, brands, and storytellers who wish to participate in the world of Web3 can seamlessly do so. We provide our partners with the resources they need to cultivate community, tell their stories and inspire generations to come.”

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