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The increasingly acute need for crypto-native insurance -Breaking


A growing need for insurance that is crypto-native

Since its inception, the insurance industry has been a vital part of major breakthroughs in innovation. It’s no coincidence that the modern insurance industry and the industrial revolution arose in parallel. It has proven to be convincing. argued that the invention of fire and property insurance — in response to the Great Fire of London — lubricated the gears of capital investment that powered the industrial revolution and is likely the reason why it started in London. Through that first and each subsequent technological revolution, insurance has offered innovators and investors a safety net and served as an outside, objective validator of risk — thereby acting as a source of both the encouragement and the security needed to confidently test and break barriers.

We live in the age of digital finance, which is accelerating. Recently, the recent White House Executive Order on “Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets” further underscored this and was a watershed moment for the industry, elevating the discussion around the importance of the technology to the national stage and acknowledging its importance to the United States strategy, interests and global competitiveness.

Sofia ArendCurrently she serves as the Communications and Content Lead at the Global Blockchain Business Council. Sofia previously worked at the Atlantic Council. This is a world-renowned think tank that focuses on national security and defense. Sofia earned her Bachelor of Arts with High Honors in International Relations and Global Studies from the University of Texas at Austin. There, she was a NCAA Division I-recruited rower.

J. Gdanski is a privacy, security and risk-management expert, a key leader in the enterprise blockchain space and the CEO and founder of Evertas — the first company dedicated to insurance of crypto assets and blockchain systems.