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A career coach’s top 3 tips for crafting a great elevator pitch for yourself


At a career fair you only have minutes and occasionally seconds. make a good impressionOn recruiters. It is important that you have your elevator pitch ready and waiting for the right moment.

According to Indeed, an elevator pitch, which is a “effective way of demonstrating your professional aptitudes, strengths, and skills”, can be used as a highlight for your cover letter, summary statement, or resume.

Emily Liou, who is a career coach for happiness, said that elevator pitches can be “nerve-wracking.” However, when you look at it more casually, it might make it easier to find the right words.

People would say to me that you needed a 30-second elevator pitch when I was in college. CNBC Make It’s Liou says that this was how I practiced my elevator pitch. It took a lot of time and stress. But if you can think about it as an introduction like “What do you want the other person to learn about you?”, that will be very helpful.

Below are Liou’s top tips to help you make your elevator pitch.

They are the focus

Talking about yourself is the most powerful thing a person has. You can make your pitch more appealing by tailoring it to the recruiter. Candidates are often drawn to their achievements and talk about them in elevator pitches.

Liou says that instead of jumping in to the pitch and saying, “Hey I graduated, I am looking for a position,” applicants should greet the recruiter and say something about the company and their roles within it. Then tie this to your life.

Liou says that this approach has “different” tones and shows that people are interested in what they can do for their company rather than just what they can do.

You can discover aspects of the employer and recruiter you like by doing thorough research before the event. 

Encourage trust 

Although you may only be able to meet with recruiters for a brief time, it’s crucial that they feel comfortable in their trusting you will get the job done. Liou says that this trust can be built by engaging in an open conversation with the recruiter and showing interest to form a partnership.

It is important to approach a relationship in an open and honest way. So what can I give this person? It’s best to approach the conversation with curiosity, openness and willingness to share your thoughts and feelings.

These are the people that can blossom into jobs or network opportunities. People want to help other people they trust and like. It is important that you have someone to advocate for and support your efforts.

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