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Aurora pays $6M bug bounty to ethical security hacker through Immunefi -Breaking


Immunefi offers $6M in bug bounty to Aurora.

This Tuesday (ETHAurora, a bridging and scale solution provider announced that it has paid $6 million bounty for ethical security hacker Pwning.eth who found a crucial vulnerability in the Aurora Engine. This exploit could have put at-risk capital worth more than $200 million. This sum was made in partnership with Immunefi. Immunefi is a leader platform for Web 3.0 bugs bounties with over $145million available bounties and more than $45 million paid out bounties.

Immunefi was notified by pwning.eth on April 26th of an Aurora Engine flaw that could have allowed infinite minting of Ethereum in the Aurora Ethereum Virtual Machine. This would have made it possible to siphon and drain the NEAR corresponding nested Ethereum (nETH). The estimated value of the pool at $200 million was more than 70,000 ETH.