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ACLU sues to stop Texas from treating transgender care as child abuse -Breaking


© Reuters. FILE PHOTO – Governor Greg Abbott speaks to members of the media after Robb Elementary School gunman shot 19 children and 2 teachers in Uvalde Texas on May 27, 2022. REUTERS/Veronica G. Cardenas


Daniel Trotta

(Reuters] – On Wednesday, 600 Texas families sued Greg Abbott to stop Texas officials from using transgender care for minors in child abuse cases.

The Texas governor directed the Department of Family and Protective Services in February to investigate child abuse allegations against families who provide transgender minor care, such as hormone blocking drugs or estrogen treatments that defer the onset of puberty.

This measure is part of a series of Republican Governors’ and Legislators’ initiatives that affect transgender rights in the United States. Some state laws ban trans girls from playing female sports, while others target access to healthcare.

To our requests, the press office of Governor Jaime Masters did not reply to inquiries about the lawsuit. Along with Commissioner Jaime Masters as defendants, the Department of Family and Protective Services said that it couldn’t respond to any specific inquiries or make comments on the litigation.

The Texas Supreme Court had previously ruled in part that although the governor couldn’t direct the Department of Family and Protective Services not to conduct investigations into families providing transgender health care, it could limit the protection for the plaintiffs. It is currently pending.

Plaintiffs in the case include three Texas families and 600 other members of Texas’ chapter of PFLAG. PFLAG is a national support network for transgender youth.

They filed a suit in Travis County District Court asking for the court’s reprimand to stop state child abuse investigations regarding transgender care.

Many teens who are transgender identify with healthcare providers. These services provide them support up to the point when they’re old enough for more permanent hormone treatments or surgery.

Republican politicians have claimed that their campaign seeks to protect children from unreversible procedures they might regret later.