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Parents of Uvalde and Buffalo mass shootings testify before Congress


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On Wednesday, Congress will hear from parents, law enforcement, and a fourth grade student who was able to survive the school shooting at Uvalde in Texas on May 24, 2017. This massacre left 31 Americans dead, and shocked the country as it represented the latest example of teenage gunmen committing gun violence.

Miah Cerrillo will be one of those who testify in front of the House of Representatives. Miah covered herself in blood of her friend during the Texas shooting at Robb Elementary.

Kimberly Rubio and Felix Rubio, her parents, will also be there, as they are the parents of Lexi Rubio (11), who was killed in the massacre.

Zeneta Everhart (mother of Zaire Goodman), 20-year old survivor, will describe the injuries sustained by her son in May 14th, when an 18 year-old gunman attacked a Buffalo supermarket.

Uvalde’s pediatrician, Dr. Roy Guerrero and the New York City mayor Eric Adams are other witnesses. Also, Joseph Gramaglia (Buffalo Police Commissioner) is another witness. Amy Swearer from The Heritage Foundation is also present.

Just hours before the House Committee on Oversight and Reform is scheduled to vote on the Protecting Our Kids Act, a collection of more restrictive gun laws, the testimony will be heard before that chamber.

Wednesday afternoon will see the Democratic House try to pass legislation raising concerns about human rights. age at which a person could purchase an assault rifleTo 21 out of 18, ban the sale large capacity magazines. New rules are created for firearm storage at home.

Even if House Democrats can push that bill through the chambers, this move will be symbolic as Senate Republicans have united against it.

A bipartisan group consisting of Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) and John Cornyn (R-Texas) are instead holding private talks on far-less-restrictive gun legislationThat gives you a better chance to reach President Joe Biden.

Biden and Murphy met on Tuesday afternoon to talk about his progress in Senate deliberations, hours ahead of actor and Uvalde native. Matthew McConaughey delivered an impassionate speechThe White House Press briefing calls for stricter gun laws.

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