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Young survivor of Texas school massacre to recount horror at U.S. House hearing -Breaking


© Reuters. FILE PHOTO. People left flowers and toys to honor the victims of the worst school shootings in America in almost a decade. It resulted in the deaths of 19 students and 2 teachers at Robb Elementary in Uvalde (Texas), U.S.A, May

WASHINGTON, (Reuters) – Miah Cerrillo (4th grade), survived a Texas school shooting by covering herself in blood. She was scheduled to appear before a U.S. Congress panel on Wednesday as legislators attempt to reach a gun safety compromise bill.

This hearing is being held by the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Reform. It comes two weeks following the horrific shooting of an 18-year old at Robb Elementary school in Uvalde Texas that resulted in the deaths of 19 children and two teachers.

This was just one of many mass shootings in America in recent weeks, which left many dead and incited bipartisan discussions in the U.S. Senate. Both Republicans and Democrats are deeply divided about guns. The talks have focused on modest goals such as encouraging states that pass red flag laws to prohibit the sale of firearms to those deemed to pose a threat to their safety or to the general public.

Republicans who support the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution’s right to bear and keep arms strongly object to plans such as limiting sales of assault-style rifles that were used in Uvalde massacre, and another shooting at a Buffalo grocery store, New York, which killed 10 Black people.

Cerrillo, in an effort to look dead too, dipped her finger in the blood of a schoolmate who had been killed.

As well as the parents of one of those students who died, they were also scheduled to give evidence.

A bill that raises the minimum age for purchasing certain firearms to 21 years from 18, and tightens prohibitions regarding untraceable weapons will be debated by the full House. It is unlikely that the Senate will pass this bill, which would need the support of 10 Republicans.

The bipartisan Senate negotiations led by Democrat Chris Murphy, Republican John Cornyn are including measures such as school security improvements, stronger mental health services, and doing more in order to keep guns away from people barred legally from possessing them (e.g felons).

Instead of pushing for quick votes on the House bill, Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer has chosen to allow more time for bipartisan negotiations.

In the past, Democrats have attempted to introduce broad-based gun control legislation in an effort to stop mass murders. This includes the United States’ 200th anniversary of this crime.

Democrats indicated to Republicans this time that they were willing to accept a more limited first step to legislation. President Joe Biden, however, calls for stronger action such as banning assault weaponry.

Blanca Rivera told ABC Television that Miah Cerrillo had been hit with bullet fragments just a few minutes after Uvalde was shot. Rivera stated that Rivera was surprised at her decision to kill herself quickly. I don’t understand why she would think that.”

Republicans called Lucretia Hughes, DC Project Women for Gun Rights as a witness for Wednesday’s hearing. The group says it “encourages the preservation of America’s gun culture” while raising awareness of firearms safety.