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Amazon will let you try on digital versions of shoes you want to buy


AmazonA new AR shopping tool was released on Thursday that allows you to virtually try on shoes.

Amazon stated that this tool would simplify online shopping and make it more user-friendly.

Virtual Try-On for Shoes for iOS users is now available on Amazon’s shopping app. New Balance and other brands have added the feature to their “thousands upon styles”. AdidasAmazon stated that Reebok, Puma and Puma are examples.

Tap the button to “virtually try-on” a shoe product on the website. Then, point your smartphone’s camera at your feet. A pair of shoes will be displayed on your screen. The tool will allow shoppers to browse through different color options while it’s active. It will then automatically adjust itself on their screen.

Although the feature will not help you determine how your shoes fit, it will let you know what their appearance is.

Amazon already offers virtual shopping tools. Many of these use augmented realities, which is a technology that overlays reality with virtual objects. Amazon was founded in 2017. launched “AR View,”This allows users to visualize the product at home with their smartphone. The tool also introduced another one. called “Room Decorator,”It allows you to put multiple virtual items into your home at once.

Amazon isn’t alone in using augmented reality online shopping. Furniture giant Ikea, Nike, L’Oreal fast-fashion retailer ZaraAll three companies have launched the same features.