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Leaders at Americas summit eye plan to manage impact of migration -Breaking


© Reuters. FILEPHOTO: U.S. president Joe Biden spoke at the ninth Summit of the Americas. It was held in Los Angeles, California on June 8, 2022. REUTERS/Lauren Justice/File Photo

By Daina Beth Solomon

LOS ANGELES, (Reuters) – Leaders at the Summit of the Americas plan to make a pledge to help reduce illegal migration to countries that receive large numbers of migrants. According to a draft document Reuters saw on Thursday.

This document was both dated June 6th and 7th, and included promises to convene banks to examine their financial arrangements for migrants-hosting nations, and to improve the access of migrants to public and private service.

The document also includes pledges from Western Hemisphere nations to cooperate to improve regional law enforcement cooperation and information sharing, as well as visa regimes. It also aims to expand and strengthen temporary labor opportunities.

Both the White House and State Department didn’t immediately reply to inquiries for comment about whether or not the draft had been finalized.

At the U.S. summit, a representative of a nation said that all declarations regarding migration had been accepted by participating countries.

U.S. president Joe Biden (a Democrat) was elected in January 2021. Biden pledged to end many of Trump’s harsh immigration policies. He has not been able to stop record-breaking border crossings.

Los Angeles summit has placed immigration at the forefront of its agenda. But, it is not clear if leaders from Mexico or other countries sending many migrants north have been present to make progress on the issue.

Some leaders stayed away from Washington’s decision to exclude Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Cuba from the summit.

Recent months have seen the Biden administration try to paint migration as a problem for Americas. They called on all countries to improve protections for migrants and increase their legal access.