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Bitcoin (BTC) is Likely to be Adopted by 10% of the World’s Population by 2030 -Breaking


Bitcoin (BTC) is Likely to be Adopted by 10% of the World’s Population by 2030

Blockware Solutions conducted research that showed at least 10% will use technology by 2030. The internet will accelerate the adoption of Bitcoin. Additionally, Bitcoin integration comes with a direct financial incentive so it could be adopted even faster.

9 Disruptive Technologies Have Shown a Similar Curve in the Past

Researchers have studied 9 other inventions such as automobiles and electricity. They also examined smartphones, mobile phones, the internet, and social media. ‘All disruptive technologies follow a similar exponential S-curve pattern, but newer network-based technologies continue to be much faster than the market expects’, – says the research paper. Cumulative Sum Of Net Entities Growth (CAGR) is the basis of this forecast. According to this metric, there’s a 60% chance of the prediction to become reality.

Because Bitcoin (BTC), is a direct consumer, it’s different than other disruptive technologies. From a consumer’s standpoint, the already adopted technologies like cars enabled the user to move faster than a horse or bicycle and cellphone technology enabled the user to talk to anyone in the world without being tied to a landline.

And of course, the most revolutionary invention of our times – the internet, which enables the consumer to expand business and communications way beyond the local zone. Bitcoin (BTC), might look similar to internet. The theory is that the best technology will be adopted first.

BTC Adoption Gains 880%

Gemini earlier this year conducted research that found India, Hong Kong, Brazil and Brazil to be the top three countries adopting Bitcoin (BTC). As nearly half the respondents claimed to plan on investing in crypto, Gemini also discovered that India, Hong Kong, Brazil, and China are the best places to do so. Chainalysis’s analysis also showed that crypto adoption has increased by an astounding 880% from summer 2020 through June 2021. Asia is also among the quickest adopters – Vietnam, Pakistan and India scoring the most.

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