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How launchpads can help you make money despite market volatility: BoostX. Red Kite. TrustSwap

The launchpad acts as a link between potential investors and the upcoming projects. New projects can raise funds before they go public. Launchpads provide a support third party that helps investors join start-ups for low fees.

The last month has seen a dip in the valuation of cryptocurrencies, even , the totem, hasn’t been spared. Investors have felt a sense of unease in recent months. A shift in the wind was needed – enter launchpads. Investors now have the opportunity to look for reliable, new projects to invest in. These projects are expected to provide long-term returns. Some of the best examples are TrustSwap, Red Kite and BoostX.

What’s BoostX?

BoostX, a launchpad that offers a wide variety of projects and features is gaining popularity. BoostX is a premium launchpad that allows early access for the best crypto projects.

A wide range of blockchains are available to support projects, including Binance,… and Polygon.

BoostX is a leader in dynamic dashboard technology. This feature allows you to customize your presale, with the option of dynamic pricing, static pricing, and bonus options. Choose the best niche for you.

Each project is carefully selected to protect investors. This ensures that adopters feel at ease.

Red Kite: Soar with Red Kite

Red Kite, a DeFi platform and launchpad that is cutting edge, can be found on the Red Kite website. Red Kite has a number of unique features, making it one of the newest launchpads in the marketplace. The following features are included:

  • Red Kite supports multi-chain projects using the BSC, Ethereum and Polygon Blockchains.
  • Tier & Reputation: Red Kite’s bot system automatically monitors the behaviour of its users. Any malicious activity will affect the user’s chance to participate in certain launches.
  • Fairness: Some presale launches lead to gas wars. In order to dissuade small investors from joining the presale, investors will pay very high gas prices. Red Kite eliminates this problem because its lane-based swap allows anyone to participate in the presale regardless of their rank.

May You Trust In TrustSwap

Trustworthiness and reliability are the key ingredients of this launchpad. TrustSwap makes it possible to deliver custom-designed, audited services which can be used by developers and early investors.

TrustSwap only allows you to find the most excellent DeFi projects. Each project has been thoroughly evaluated by and approved through the vetting committee. The vetting panel is made up of blockchain specialists who have spent weeks reviewing each project and then approve it. It ensures both safety and quality control.

Keep Earning Despite the Dip

All three of the launchpads showed investors that, even in uncertain times, they can still make big amounts through crypto. While this is feasible, investors can still invest modest amounts. The market dip is temporary, but launchpads could be used to invest in presale project projects. This will make it more common to invest in future.

You can learn more information about BoostX at the official website.

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