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Former Police Experts Tried to Escape With Millions of Seized Crypto -Breaking


Ex-Police Experts Attempt to Flee With Millions Seized Crypto

Two Indian crypto-experts were arrested by police. They used the opportunity to transfer around 1300 bitcoins from their wallets to their own accounts.

Ravindranath Patil and Pankaj Ghode, both cyber-crime specialists were involved in investigating two multimillion-dollar Ponzi schemes involving bitcoin.

Missing 1300 Bitcoins

These two specialists assisted the Special Investigation Team of Pune (SIT). According to the cyber cell in Pune, around 1300 bitcoins have been reported missing from Ghode’s and Patil’s wallets.

The cyber police made arrests following an April 2021 investigation. Many mobiles, MacBooks hard disks (tabs), laptops, MacBooks, MacBooks, iPads and other devices were taken by the cyber police. They are accused of trying to steal bitcoins in order to gain financial benefits while also supporting the police.

Cyber Crime Cell of Pune Police has filed a 4,400 page charge sheet against two cyber-experts. Bhagyashree Navtake, Deputy commissioner for police said that Patil admitted to taking 237 Bitcoins. Ghode is said to be responsible for nearly 900 bitcoins missing. As part of their investigation into an alleged dispute of nearly 900 bitcoins, police reported seizing more than $770,000 in 34 cryptocurrencies.

These Cyber-security experts are highly respected

Ghode and Patil are both currently held in Pune’s Yerawada Central Jail. Officials claim that Patil worked as an IPS officer for a few years before he left.

Since that time, he’s been a cybercrime specialist. Ghode assisted several police agencies, including investigating ones. He also trained police officers on crypto-crime. Ghode was a cyber security specialist and ran multiple businesses, some of which were located abroad.

They are accused of manipulating screenshots from bitcoin recovery to prove their innocence to police officers as part of an investigation.

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