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Rainmaker Games Announces the First Cross-Chain, GameFi-Exclusive NFT Marketplace -Breaking


Rainmaker Games announces first Cross-Chain GameFi-Exclusive NFT Marketplace

Rainmaker Games is glad to announce the launch of the world’s first-ever cross-chain, GameFi exclusive NFT Marketplace as part of its popular GameFi platform. The GameFi marketplace now allows gamers to view aggregated NFT listings, including reviews and strategies. This robust NFT marketplace seamlessly integrates with Rainmaker’s game discovery engine, ushering in the next generation of frictionless gameFI experience.

Rainmaker Games always placed emphasis on accessibility and simplicity throughout their entire development process. Their cross-chain NFT marketplace and cross-platform NFT market has remained the same. Rainmaker’s platform also includes comprehensive Game Guides and in-depth buying guides. It even has data-driven price estimates to increase transparency. Selecting from over thousands of blockchain games on multiple chains, Rainmaker’s team aggregates the best GameFi NFT listings across the Web3 landscape.

Rainmaker’s all-in-one gaming platform is designed by gamers, for gamers. Rainmaker takes the hassle out of purchasing NFTs, and empowers gamers all over the globe with data that will allow them to make better investments. NFT Marketplace features curated listings, an extensive discovery platform and user-generated feedback. This platform is constantly evolving and will help to foster innovation in the industry.

Since the company’s founding in mid-2021, Rainmaker has established itself as the de facto gaming platform in GameFi and Blockchain Gaming. The community has grown steadily and is now in the hundreds of thousands. Rainmaker Games has raised $6.5 Million in seed capital and is now partnering with many established games. This creates a lot of excitement and fosters meaningful relationships in an ever-growing world.

Rainmaker Games

Rainmaker Games was the first to launch a blockchain gaming discovery platform. The first platform that allows gamers to explore hundreds of games simultaneously, including ratings, earnings per day, reviews, stream streams and feature write-ups. Rainmaker connects gamers and games like no other and allows blockchain gaming to be accessible worldwide.

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