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French experts collect evidence of possible war crimes in Ukraine’s Chernihiv -Breaking


© Reuters. FILE PHOTO. Ukraine’s chief prosecutor, Iryna Vediktova, speaks to Reuters during a interview in The Hague (Netherlands), May 31, 2022. REUTERS/Eva Plvier/File photo

KYIV, Reuters – Weapons experts from France help their Ukrainian counterparts gather evidence regarding possible Russian war crimes at Chernihiv in the north region. This was stated by Ukraine’s prosecutor.

French Gendarmerie experts have collected evidence from sites where Russian shelling has caused destruction.

These experts replaced a group of gendarmerie and forensic specialists who arrived in April to assist in establishing what had happened in Bucha near Kyiv. The killings of numerous civilians prompted an international outcry.

“It will be soon two months since [French experts] have been with (us ‘on ground’,” Iryna Venediktova, Prosecutor General wrote in her Facebook (NASDAQ) account.

She wrote that “they work in Chernihiv and conduct research on sites destroyed by bombardment.” We are prepared to work together in order to punish these war crimes.

Since Russia’s invasion on February 24, 2004, the Chernihiv area has been frequently bombarded. Ukraine is investigating possible war crimes perpetrated by Russian troops in Chernihiv under their March occupation.

Russia has denied targeting civilians, and rejected war crime allegations in its “special military operation” against Ukraine to “denazify and demilitarize it. Kyiv, its allies and Russia deny that Russia invaded neighboring countries without provocation.