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Here’s what that means -Breaking


You can now clone NFTs as ‘Mimics’: Here’s what that means

Things can break due to the web3 open-source code, iterative programming, and fast thinking. Things are made by breaking. Mimics is a project that allows you to make a duplicate of another NFT.

What does the Mimics system do? The NFT Art MarketTo create a new type of counterfeits Will it lead to token standards being improved and upgraded?

Artists impression of Mimics working with CryptoPunks, Bored Apes.

How to Steal your NFTs

Source: The tokenUri NFT metadata. Source: Coinmonks
Joni Pirovich is on LinkedIn.

In the code

Mimicologists Guide docs.
OpenSea Contact Address

This is what does it mean?

Auction of Bored Ape Yacht club on OpenSea NFT. OpenSea

Set a benchmark:

Mooncat #4916 MrFahrenheit.ethOpenSea
Search registered ENS names with this toolBy @BokkyPoobah

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