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Innovation in fiat on-ramps can overcome crypto’s expensive card fees -Breaking


Crypto’s high-priced card fees can be overcome by innovation in fiat On-Ramps

It is important to have an intelligent approach towards money when you are involved in crypto. That is what we know (BTCThe future (both as a store-of-value and as a payment method, is Layer 2 solutions like the Lightning NetworkYour business will grow. Every cryptocurrency user must ensure that the best price is obtained for all services. This is not a cheap option, even though millions of crypto-users can use a debit/credit card to convert fiat currency into crypto.

AccordingAccording to The Motley Fool people using their credit cards to purchase crypto may have to pay an additional 7% fee. You could be subject to up to $70 fees for buying $1,000 of Bitcoin with a credit card. This is in addition to the usual processing fees.

Paolo ArdoinoBitfinex was founded in 2015 by a Bitfinex employee. He is now its chief technology officer. After graduating from Genoa’s Computer Science University in 2008, he started working as a researcher for a military project focused on high-availability, self-recovering networks and cryptography. Paolo, who is passionate about finance, began to develop financial-related applications in 2010, and later founded Fincluster. Fincluster, which was supported with two investment rounds in financing, delivered a web platform accessible and modern that could be customized for different clients.