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Taiwan says it’s willing to engage with China, doesn’t want to close door -Breaking


© Reuters. FILEPHOTO: This image, which was taken on April 28, 2022, shows Taiwanese and Chinese printed flags. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration/File Photo

TAIPEI (Reuters – Taiwan doesn’t want China to be closed and said that it was open to engaging in goodwill on an equal basis with China, according to Premier Su Tseng Chang on Sunday.

Relations between Taipei, Beijing and Taiwan are at an all-time low. Beijing claims Taiwan is democratically controlled and Taiwan has been its territory for decades. China, however, has increased its political and military pressure on Taiwan to recognize its sovereignty.

China’s defense minister stated earlier in the day that China wants “peaceful unification” with Taiwan, but he also outlined other options.

Su spoke to reporters shortly after China bans the import of grouper fish form Taiwan for safety reasons. Taipei called this a political motivated move. Su claimed that Taiwan always has goodwill towards China.

“Aslong as there’s equality, reciprocity, no political preconditions,” he stated. He was reiterating the position that President Tsai Ingwen repeatedly stated publicly.

“China’s harassing Taiwanese with warships, military aircraft and other unreasonable suppressions, political actions, is the most absurd,” he said.

Taiwan is not willing to give up on China. China is the one that used different means to oppress Taiwan and make Taiwan feel unreasonably.

Since her first election in 2016, China has not spoken to Tsai. They view her as a separatist, refusing to recognize that Taiwan and China are one China.

Tsai claims that only Taiwanese can determine their future. While they desire peace with China, Tsai states that Taiwan will protect itself if threatened.

Taiwan’s citizens, which live in one Asia’s most open and democratic democracies have not shown any interest in being ruled under autocratic China.

China has not renounced using force to control Taiwan.