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NFT pics are the funhouse mirror high-end art deserves -Breaking


NFT pictures are high-end funhouse mirror artwork that is worth it

It is funny that many insane and bizarre things in today’s world make sense from certain perspectives. For example, take the purchase of metaverse real property by famous brands. It seems absurd at first. At second glance, assuming the user base of the respective projects grows over time, it’s like buying an ad banner on a website, just at a higher markup. You can see that the purchase makes sense, even though you don’t do anything with the virtual land.

It’s quite possible to make the same case for nonfungible token (NFT)Another major trend within the blockchain space is art. At least, that’s how many buzz they have generated. Paris Hilton was just a month ago and Jimmy Fallon recently viewed how dark the cringe pit goes live. They displayed their Bored Apes. And that’s just a few of the mainstream celebs who have Participated in the NFT-art hype trainRecently, quite a number of them were managed by United Talent Agency. You would be amazed to know that UTA is also involved in managing these agencies. represents Yuga Labs Bored Ape Yacht Club’s makers.

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