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Biden falls after flubbing bike dismount, but uninjured -Breaking


© Reuters. Joe Biden, the U.S. president, rides a bicycle in Rehoboth, Delaware, U.S.A, June 18, 2022. REUTERS/Elizabeth Frantz


Nandita Bose

REHOBOTH Beach, Del. (Reuters] -U.S. President Joe Biden slipped from his bike while he stopped by supporters to say hello during a weekend visit to Rehoboth Beach.

Biden appeared unscathed after standing immediately. Biden, who is 79 years old, stated that he was fine after his tumble. He stated, “I got mine foot caught up”.

He was wearing a bicycle helmet and said that the toe plates on his bike needed to be removed because his foot became caught in the frame.

Biden later spent several minutes talking to people who were there to see him ride.

Biden was finishing up his morning ride on a bike in the Gordons Pond area of Delaware. Their 45th wedding anniversary was celebrated on Friday.

According to the White House, President Obama did not need medical attention.

According to a White House official, “The president stated that his foot caught on the pedal during dismounting. He is now fine.” The president is looking forward to spending time with his family.”

Biden performed a number of hops to express his feelings after he emerged from church on Saturday.