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N.Korea deploys national medical teams to battle intestinal epidemic -Breaking


© Reuters. FILE PHOTO: North Korean farmers working in South Hwanghae’s collective farm, September 30, 2011. REUTERS/Damir Sgolj

Josh Smith

SEOUL (Reuters) – North Korea dispatched epidemiological investigators and medical personnel to a provincial fighting the spread of an intestinal disease. This was reported by state media on Sunday.

Since then, at least 800 families have been helped in South Hwanghae Province by North Korea’s “acute enteric” epidemic.

South Korean officials believe it might be cholera.

This new epidemic, which was first identified on Thursday, adds to the country’s already difficult situation of chronic food insecurity and COVID-19 infection.

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Sunday’s state news agency KCNA described prevention strategies, which included quarantines, intensive screening of all residents, and special treatment for vulnerable individuals such as elderly people and children.

KCNA reported that a national Rapid Diagnosis and Treatment Team is currently working alongside local health officials. They are taking steps to make sure farming does not suffer in this key area.

According to the report, disinfection work, which includes sewage treatment, is underway in order to protect drinking water and the health of household water.