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Ripple And FLUF World Collab To Launch The Root Network -Breaking


The Root Network is Launched by FLUF World and Ripple
    • FLUF, FLUF join forces to bring about The Open Metaverse.
    • Open Metaverse is promising to improve user experience with banking, gaming, and social media.
    • Open Metaverse works decentrally. The user controls all digital assets and transactions.

Ripple, the popular creator and provider of corporate crypto and other blockchain services has announced the creation of Root Network. This network is in collaboration FLUF World, an international creative community and NFT collectibles eco-system.

The network will be used to bring “The Open Metaverse” to life, which will combine numerous NFT collections with over 195,000 unique products and over 340,000 transactions.

Open Metaverse offers many benefits. It removes the barriers that now exist between the user’s many areas of interest and makes the overall environment more engaging. The Metaverse is a platform that aims to enhance user experience across a range of fields, such as banking, gaming and social media.

Open Metaverse was built upon the principle decentralization. All transactions are managed by the user, as well as their digital assets. All data, materials, and identities associated with the user are only theirs. Because of this, the implementation of XRP on The Root Network is a significant step forward for the cryptocurrency’s overall development.

FLUF World’s developers explained why a separate network was needed for the Metaverse. Their reasoning was based on the desire to give any creator access to smart contracts, without them having to create or implement the contracts.

The authors also indicated that codes that were previously designed to run on blockchains could be used on Root Networks by using the Ethereum Virtual Machine, (EVM).

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