3 Tech Tools Remote Workers Need to Increase Productivity

Remote working has become more than just a trend and is here to stay across a variety of industries. During the height of the pandemic in 2020 and early 2021, it became very clear that a good portion of the workforce could work remotely, be just as functional and productive, and offer advantages to employers and employees alike.

If you’re a remote worker who wants to increase productivity, look no further than the tech you are using. Here are three must-have tech tools that will do wonders for your overall productivity in your home office space.

Upgrade to an External Webcam and Headset for Professional Results

If your job requires you to take part in video conferences and meetings with other co-workers, your boss, and clients, you want to be sure you come across as professional. Relying on your computer’s built-in webcam and microphone isn’t going to cut it, so you’ll want to invest in external accessories.

A good quality webcam offers a sharper brighter image that is very true-to-life. Those on the other end of the video conference will have no problems with the image, and it will feel as though you’re meeting in person. Look for a model that can be securely fixed to your computer or that can be moved around on your desk. It’s also recommended that it have a physical button that allows you to turn the camera off when not in use. This ensures your privacy is maintained at all times.

A work from home headset will also be important to upgrade the sound quality. Look for one that is adjustable and has a padded headband for the ultimate comfort.

Business-Based Apps Make Communication and Organisation a Breeze

One of the biggest complaints that remote workers can have is that they don’t feel part of the team. When you are at home alone, it takes much more effort to keep the lines of communication open and make organisation a priority. These are both extremely important in productively doing your job.

The solution to all of these problems can be found in business-based apps. There are all kinds of apps that are perfect for remote workforces that allow people to chat in real-time, share data and files, present materials to one another, set up tasks and prioritise them, create a workflow board that all can see, and provide useful tools for project planning and management. These can alter the way the whole company works in terms of a remote environment.

Don’t Forget the Printer

And while many offices are shifting toward a paperless environment, there will likely still be those times that you need to print documents, files, and contracts. For that reason, your home office needs to be equipped with a printer. An all-in-one printer can act as a printer and scanner, increasing your productivity tools further.

Simple Tech Tools Have a Massive Impact

Each of these tech tools is simple and rather basic, yet they all have a massive and positive impact on your productivity level.